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“Before we arrived in Georgia, I kept messaging them asking them so many questions and changing my plans many times. But they are always friendly and patient, and most of all they are really kind. They did not even ask for advance payment.  When we arrived in Georgia, Dachy picked us up from the airport on time. He even came before us, and he made sure we are fine with the place we are staying. And the next day, our tour was very fun because we started to become friends. The next 2 days, we were with Gvantsa and she is the most energetic person I have ever met. She is always happy and smiling! We could make fun of each other and when the tour finished, it was a bit sad because we already made new friends. They know so many people in all our destinations so it’s very easy for everyone to get by. I really recommend UTG because they will help you in everything you need in your trip. ♥️♥️♥️”

Alexis Joy Reyno Estorco

“Thanks to universal travel and specially Gvantsa for assist me in Georgia . My tour was very short but memorable because of Gvantsa and Afto they are very friendly and cooperative and helpful. I need to say Mr.Afto you are driving very nice that’s why I reached on time in the airport. Miss u guys and I strongly recommend all to make your tour in Tiblisi with universal travel and specially with Gvantsa and Afto if u wants comfort and memorable trip.

Thanks Gvantsa and Afto. Miss u guys …,,,,,,”

Claton Joseph Costa

“Thank you so much Dachi, Universal Travel Georgia and Gvantsa for the amazing trip. The way you guys took care of us during our stay, made our trip memorable. Specially Gvantsa, her friendly and bubbly nature made the trip even more enjoyable. We had an amazing time and we look forward to meeting you again. We will miss you Gvantsa .”

Mansley Diniz